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Q&A with Solange Knowles!

Only 6 days left to the release date of Solange's album (August 26th) so Solange is answering her fan's questions everyday till the release date!

From Jason:
Come on Solo, you can't fight your feelings your whole life. Just give up
the facade and finally admit your undying love for me. I love kids, so
Juelz won't be a problem at all :D But on a slightly less disturbing note,
any plans to tour internationally, as far as Australia perhaps? I'd love to
see you live. I could be the next backup dancer that randomly crashes the

Im in love with you too Jason. Move me and my punk'n pie to the
country ans lets start poppn out 3 a yea,r :) Cool? Oh yeah, and I want
to get married right in front of the Opera House....

I hope to tour internationally very soon, I get so many messages from
fans all over: Africa, Europe, Canada and its so important for me to
get out there and let everyone experience my music up close and


From Franck

Hello Solange! I'm Franck I'm from France and I love every songs from your
album I heard so far! I even think it will be my fav album of 2008. Well, I
wanna know the release date of your album in the rest of Europe? We only
know the release date for the UK is August 18th! But what about France,
Germany, Spain...??? Don't forget us babe ;)

I will NOT forget about yall. French people generally have an open and
sophisticated ear.
I will find that out for you a.s.a.p. cuz hell... I dont even know.

From Amber Chatman

I love the new music that your doing and I love Sandcastle Disco. The video is so lively and artistic. Can you tell me where the concept of the song
and video came from?

The concept of the song is an analogy.
Coming from a couple failed relationships, sometimes you can become
very fragile going into the next one. People spend so much time and
effort building this beautiful, intricate sandcastle and people just
stomp em down (break your heart) or the wind just comes and blows it
away (its just time to move on).
THe video was supposed to just be a fun, fantasy pop-up book. I wanted
to show my fun, quirky, light side in a performance video.


From Steve Thomas
Wassup, Solo? I've heard you say your sister Beyonce.. has inspired you. What
about your sister Kelly? Has she inspired you in any way?
P.S. I love "6 ' O'clock blues" to death!

Kelly has inspired me with her bravery of her first album... Simply
Deep. It was such a departure from her group's sound and so brave of
her to want to capture a sound that she loved over the years.
Kelly is also a fierce little bunny...I love her.

Thank you so mucccch:)


From Ja Niece

Wussupp Solange my name is Ja-Niece Best nd first i wanted to say i luv ur cd so effin much 4rum the songs I've heard. I was wonderin is it hard to do interviews bcuz wen i c the kinda ?'s they b askin it makes me wonder how the hekk cann u come upp wit a answer that quick especially wen they b
throwin them trick and confusin ?s at uu cuz i think i wuld jus go blank nd
wuld prolly b lukkn all stupid nd wat not. (haha)...and also do yhu nd ur
sister ever fuss bcuz i kno me nd my sister are always fussin but it could
be because we're so close in age but i rly dunno. But thats all I wanna ask
uu today. Iight then im outtie

Here's the thing. I really dont take interviews that seriously which
is why I wanted to use this as a platform for you guys to get real
answers. You know why, because I know the intent from you guys is pure
support. Sometimes I have 7 and 8 interviews back to back and most of
the time they ask stupid questions and i give stupid answers. In order
to keep myself awake and entertained and even interested i make jokes,
say random things, and thats how i get through. Many of the interviews
are not original, creative and dont tell the readers anything they
dont already know. Some of them are fun, interesting and those are fun
for me.

Me and B dont fuss or fight. We are 5 years apart and both have a
mature way of communicating. We also rarely disagree because were
perfect little princess (joke:)

From Terrence Haggerty
Hey Solange,
Its your boy Terrence Haggerty not the other Terrance with an "a". lol I was
just wondering who were the those gorgeous back-up singers (There Name,Hometown, and there Personalities) Also why didn't you audition for at
least one male singer? I would have been fly and bought some extra heat to the vocals.

Damn. will you dress up in drag just in case one of them gets sick? hehehehheh.
Ones name is Melanie ( the more fair skinned one) and she is from Cali.
She's one smart cookie. Politics, Phylosophy, or Physcology, you name
it she can tell you something new.
The others name is Jade ( the REAL diana look alike ) and she's from Louisiana.
She is the sexiest, most dainty, cook a meal, then dress you up woman.
Very stylish!
They both are uber talented and im so happy to have them as part of
The Hadley Street Dream Team.


From Renee Coleman

Wow! im really surprised by how down to earth you are and the fact we have
so much in common! You do have a great..ahem.. sense of humor and i appreciate the fact you dont
have a holier than thou attitude, but praise aside
will you be comming out with a clothing line? or any other products besides


Well it feels good to know that i can be celebrated for
I do believe in Jesus I just believe in the "Freedom of Speech
Amendment" too.

As far as clothing lines, i just signed on to be the new face of
Armani Jeans which is soooo exciting...then there is my toy line Baby
Jamz inspired by little julzie.

From Rome Luva
Hey Solange, this be dat nig Romeo lol. I was watchin you do 6 O'Clock Blues on youtube and was like "Damn she murders this live, its better than on the
album." Soooooooo........i think you should do a live cd!!! Or do a
lonnnnngggggg live set and record it on camera. We would LOVEEEE THAT, I SWEAR. So have u ever considered doing a live album or dvd? Thanks

WOW! well that is suuuuch a compliment especially considering i feel i
have a looooonnng way to go to perfect my vocals on-stage. Its
something relatively new to me since ive been off the scene for a
when i feel like i have perfected my craft a little more i think a
live cd would be awesome!
Great idea home skillet.

From Jazmine
OMG! i was on CL(Concrete Loop) n i saw the vid of a fan that hopped on
stage and u danced wit him and everything and u r such a humble person! Ur
one of my many role models(Aaliyah, Beyonce, Kelly, Danity Kane, and J.HUD
to name a few) im 15 by the way im super excited to get ur albulm i have my
allowence money saved, n basically i wanted to ask a personal probelm of my
own how do u deal with all the negative energy around celeberites now a
days? Like i no u ignore them but sometime it still gets to me and i dont
want it to!! Ur so freakin awsome by the way u comin to D.C cuz i want front
row tixs!!!!!

Well to be mentioned in the same name as those artist is very humble
so i thank you for that.
I appreciate your commitment to getting the record.
You know, i hold on to my sense of happiness in who i am.
I really dont feel that someone behind a computer gives me validation
and that feels good.

From Brown Sugar

Solange, did you know that Young Berg has a major crush on you? He was
on NY Hot 97.1 on Thursday saying he had the biggest crush on you. Just thought you should know.

I heard that as well! I was told he said some very complimentary
things which is very nice of him.


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