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New blog from LEONA LEWIS

Leona hasnt been blogging for a while but shes back in London so she took some time out to let us all know what shes been up to, What its like to meet Beyonce and performing with Lil Wayne!


It’s been such a fantastic month and I wanted to share it with you all!

First I performed ‘Better in time’ on Good morning America, I always enjoy singing on that show, such a great team working there.

I sang on Regis and Kelly - who are just so sweet, Jay Leno - one of my fave late shows he’s such a genuine nice guy, and the wonderful Ellen who I adore!

I got the chance to meet and perform with some of the most inspiring and powerful female artists in music today. We all came together for ‘Stand Up To Cancer’, an amazing cause which is furthering cancer research and as you may know this is a cause that is close to my heart so I hope you will please help in some way, as always theres links on my site to these organisations.

We had 3 days of rehearsals around a grand piano together, what a surreal experience, and I enjoyed every second!

I met Mary J Blige, Mariah Carey, Ashanti and Carrie Underwood, what an honour, they were all so nice. I spoke to Beyonce, who is such a lovely, beautiful and talented lady. I watched her perform at fashion rocks and she was so stunning. I also saw Natasha Bedingfield, Miley Cyrus, Rhianna and Ciara, such fab girls! So admirable and talented! To perform with them all was like a dream and I will always remember that moment.

Then as I was on my way from NYC to LA and I got a call from Lil’ Wayne’s team asking if I would sing on one of his tracks originally sampled from Nina Simone! Of course I was so flattered that they wanted me to do it but it was such short notice and I had no rehearsals( and I am a preparation freak lol!) so I was really worried! Anyway I decided it was too big an opportunity to miss so I met Lil Wayne, who was brimming with southern hospitality and was an absolute gentleman, and we performed together the next day. I really enjoyed doing the song because it was a style I hadn’t been involved in before and I love Nina Simone.

So finally I travelled to Canada, where I did some TV and radio interviews. I can’t believe how lovely and welcoming Canadian people are, so it is now among my fave places I’ve visited! I had one radio interview with Hammer from Z103 who I’d like to thank as he had taken the time to put sound bites from my X factor performances into our interview, which was so creative and thoughtful, it brought a tear to my eye and took me right back down memory lane!

So I’m super happy to be back in London now, I actually missed the rain believe it or not! And I’m so excited because ‘Forgive Me’ is being played on the radio and the video is finally out. I’m really proud of it as I’ve had so much input into the video and it’s a real creative journey for me.

So please enjoy the song and video, as always I thank you for your constant love and support.

Love always




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