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Top 10 paid musicians of 2008: Beyonce tops Madonna

01 The Police $115 million
02 Beyonce $80 million
03 Toby Keith $48 million
04 Justin Timberlake $44 million
05 Madonna $40 million
06 Celine Dion $40 million
07 Rascal Flatts $40 million
08 Van Halen $35 million
09 Genesis $31 million
10 Gwen Stefani $27 million

Beyonce topped Madonna this year at being the highest paid female musician! It helps that Beyonce is a songwriter and producer so she doesnt have to spend a fortune for others to make her hit songs, also Beyonce has endorcement deals with Armani, Loreal and American Express, Her clothes line 'House of Dereon' is doing REALLY well!


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