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New JoJo blog (about T-Pain & new album)

I just posted JoJo's version of T-Pain's song 'Cant believe it' and said i would give you more info on her upcomming album when i know, then i loged into MySpace and there was a new blog from JoJo, about the song & her new album! Here is what she says:

Hey there! How goes thee? Ive been home in MA for a few days and then headed back to LA tomarrow for the BMI Urban Music Awards and to put some extra touches on "All I Want is Everything". Summer has ZOOOMED by! Its so crazy that school is back in session and the seasons are changing. I love watching the leaves turn colors here in New England. If you havent been to Massachusetts yet, its definetly a great place to check out, particularly during the fall.

Anyways, I wanted to address a couple of things quickly. I am a fan of T-Pain's and I love his song "Cant Believe It". Hip-hop artists often put out mixtapes of themselves rapping over hot tracks, and putting their own spin on a successful song. I figured that although I'm an r&b singer( or pop, or whatever you'd like to call it...), why can't I take a track I like and put my own twist on it? I did it out of respect for his artistry and because I like the song, and also because my album is coming out until next year, and honestly I get restless waiting to put out new material. I love being in the studio, im constantly writing, and I wanted to do something Just For Fun. I decided to use the same effect that T-Pain uses on his vocals for my version because I feel it contributes to the vibe of the song as a whole ( I used a program called Antares, or "Autotune"). I do not use this sound on my new album. lol. As I said, im just having fun! Just wanted to clear up some confusion that I had hearing over the past couple of days. As I said, I think T-Pain is fantastic and I'm really looking forward to his new album! Btw, if you havent seen his new video for "Cant Believe It", you have GOT to check it out when you have the chance!!! It is by Syndrome (who did my video for "How To Touch A Girl") and they took it to a WHOLE 'NOTHER LEVEL for this one! You'll love it...

Alright, I've got to get ready to drive some friends to the airport before I make them miss their flight! lolz... and Btw, I have been bumpin' D'Angelo's "The Best So Far" hard in my car lately. I NEEED him to come back out with new material! Check out his version of Prince's "She's Always In My Hair". A-MAY-ZIIIIING. Also, theres an acapella version of "Devil's Pie", so you're able to hear the incredible lyrics even more cleary. D'Angelo is and will always be one of my all time favorite artists. If you're not yet familiar with him, take a listen. :)

Have a great day and make the most of the last few days of summer!


Ever to excel,



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