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Solange: I Do Have an Apology to Make

Here is what Solange Knowles says in her latest MySpace blog:

It is not my job to make u like me.
You see, my occupation is an ART-ist.
It is not my job to rub your back, kiss your backside or keep my mouth shut.
It is not my job to make u like how I look – that's called a model.
It is not my job to sell you on my "personality" or "like-ability"
It is my job to share with you my music and my music alone.

If you're looking to listen to a musician's music based on interviews and photos,
then spending two years of pouring my existence into a record
will give YOU no fulfillment. (I recommend ..... its a
fave of my 3 year old son)

At first I was going to speak my piece, let it die and move on, but
after FOX continued to drag this incident out over and over (Oddly
you cant remember my name, but MY incident sure is helping you get national news..... read YOUR headline
You should be proud that this is what you needed to get your shine on, lol)

It has now became a matter of honesty for me. I needed to find out for MYSELF, if I should have done things differently.

If its one thing I can apologize for, it is for backing down and giving in.

I told my mgt/ label when we got requests from the Fox News stations,
that I didn't want to be apart of anything related to Fox News because of their history of racial slander.
In the end, I committed anyways.

I apologize for not wanting to be controversial, for being lazy and
not wanting to fight a battle with an army. I apologize for
compromising my morality in the process.

I spent about an hour today looking at You Tube clips for guidance
I looked at Nas's speech in front of Fox's headquarters , I looked at
Kanye's Katrina comments, I looked at my fave Bob Dylan documentary. I
looked at countless Bjork interviews (I also looked at the link
below, an all time fave lol

I was completely inspired again to see artists who risk validation
from peoples opinions, for what they truly believe is right.
I tip my hat to you ALL.
(I must admit, it is not sooo much Dylan's voice I love as much as it is his movement)

If I was in corporate America with a position at a large company and someone brought up something completely inappropriate about my family in a board meeting, I would have spoken up and said... "I think that was very unprofessional and please do not bring up my family in this meeting". This is exactly what I said.

Bottom line. Fox is lying and the whole thing was set-up for its on purposes.
Just know that FOX and Tmz are affiliates and you hear the reporter loud and clear say "Are you talking about whats on TMZ"?
If you haven't seen my vlog, before we went on air, I caught the
producers telling the reporter to "Ask her about Jay-z's club getting shut down" Which isn't true ,and that's where my reaction came from.
(It is not my job to dish personal details about my family and its offensive to even ask me in my opinion)


It is more sad to see my "rant" is more popular on your network's show than the news of The Republican Presidential Nominee's V.P. choice.
oh yeah, I forgot people go to real NEWS stations for NEWS Or is this the state of our people now? More interested in the details of this interview than the Monsoon in India.

I mean, I'm not Surprised when this is coming same network affiliate who called our future first lady, a
"Baby Momma".

God bless America:)



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