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A few words from Ne*Yo

Hmm.. Ne*Yo just posted this blog on his Official site..

Ladies n' gentleman.
This is Ne*Yo, felling good, better than normal.
Well not that I ever feel bad.
I've mentioned a few times that tho I appreciate all the recognition that I DO get, I don't feel that I get the recognition that I feel I deserve, mainly because I'm not the dude you'll see with a bunch of different celebrity chics or I'm not on any drugs, or I don't get arrested every 3 days or whatever.
The fact that I'm a fully functional normal human being, makes me, in the eyes of the media "boring". Which is cool I guess, I mean, I'm not about to sell my soul so that I can get my face on the cover of a magazine. Sucks that my music isn't enough to hold the attention of the masses, according to the media.
Well, I have to eat my words as of late. Just found out that I received 6 (count em') 6 grammy nominations!!!!!!!
Needless to say, I don't feel very under appreciated
I guess it's about just being patient and letting things happen when they're suppossed to.
I view it like this, people don't pay me that attention because they know that imma be here. I'm here for the long haul, so they say, aaawww, Ne*Yo ain't goin' nowhere. We'll check on him later. And you know what? I'm cool wit that.

In the meantime I'll just keep doin' what I do, making classic music, murdering any stage I touch, keeping my suit sharp, and my hat cocked to the side.

Thanx for the luv y'all. See you on the road.


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