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Leona Lewis breaks another world record!!

Leona Lewis' hot new single Run has become the fastest-selling digital download ever.

The cover had never been intended as a single and was included on a deluxe version of Lewis' album Spirit as an incentive for fans to purchase the re-release.

After performing the song when she returned to the X-Factor stage, Leona's label were flooded with calls with people angry they wernt releasing it so they gave in.. Wasnt Leona lucky they did!

Now there is a online campaign to get them to release the song in the US!

LeLe is one big record breaker!! (She has the fastest selling album of all time, fastest selling song of all time (Bleeding Love), Most downloaded song of the year worldwide on itunes (Bleeding Love) and a few more!! Im not sure how many times shes on the Guiness World book of records but shes in it alot!


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