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Take that VS Britney - Circus

Take that are REALLLLY annoying me.. they act like they are the #1 musician in the world and think they are God or something...

They are talking $hit about Britney all week and talk down on her as if she is just a wanabee!! They take her album name she had already picked out and release it on the same day!!

Then they sell more than her in the uk so say even more shit about her cos they know it will get publicity for them if they bring her name into it!!

BUT ... if you look at the world itunes chart Britney is #1 on the album charts in most of the countrys and WILL have the #1 in the US Chart this week and sold over 200,000 on the first day of release!! They cant make it out of the UK!!! overall her sales in the albums worldwide whip there A$$!!


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