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Happy new year from STx89!!

Ok, This is 3 days late but better late than never ;) Iv havnt been home over the last 2 weeks as i was on a holiday.. but im back now! Hop you all had a good one!

Thanks to everyone who has been reading this site over the last year, I didnt realise it got so many views until i joined adsense and put ads on it, it shows how many page views i get a day.. Around 1000 a day! Thats not alot to some people but its ALOT for me :P

Anyways.. Ill try to update this site more often and try make it better.. not very good at the whole webpage design as you already guessed by just taking one look! :P

Ok, so theres my new years resolution!! Be more active on this site!!

Have a good year everyone, Remember every day could be your last, Make the most of it.. Im going to try to aswell since i was very lazy the last few years! Remember it could be someone elses last day that you love so dont bother fighting.. make the most of life! :)


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