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Solange passes out on a plane!

Yesturday some of you might of been on Twitter following Solange since she was posting every few minutes on her plane trip to New York, Solange took some NyQuil tablets for the flu.. but had a allergic reaction and was telling us all instead of someone on board!

Here is what Solange was saying:

“I took a nyquil and i think maybe im getting high off it because im not sleeping. maybe i should close my eyes…”

“think im certified loosing (sic) it on nyquil. going to sleep before i start freestyling on the plane… omg (Oh my God) i didnt know nyquil could do this to you. i took the pills tho. cant stomach cough syrup. trying to be proactive on this flight.”

“Never taking nyquil again. I feel so weird.”

Three hour break.

“Woaah…… How’d I end up in the hospital? Woke up to 8 random people over me, laid out on the floor in baggage claim!… Guess I passed out! Scary. Hooked up to IV now . Apparantly I’m super dehydrated. I’ve never passed out before. S**t was like the movies. People standing over me saying ‘hello’… My mom is the best. LOL (laugh out loud). She’s like ‘Ain’t nothing wrong with this girl, she need some water and rest… Pull up the car!’ LOL. I’m like still in shock. I’ve never passed out before. Think it was the nyquil too. I felt weird when I woke up. This has been the day from hell. I’m done with the second IV. I just want to get in the bed and lay with (son) Julez. That’s all I want.

“I’m out! yay!… they let me go….. Rest. Water. Rest. Water.”


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