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Solange is not cracked out!

This has gotta be twitter of the day!

Checkout what Solange Knowles is twitting about right now!!

I have to share before there is a picture on a blog tomar with a cracked out rumor.

Was on my way with my buddy to drop some good folk off at the airport. Having a dandy time listening good mursic. Then the van starts smokn, Like realllyyyy smokn. So. We jump out. Shits looking like it's gonna blow up. So the good folks (actually the band,The XX) hop in a taxi..And we call a tow truck.Found a towel in the van and sat it out on the sidewalk, took of my shoes & was just chilln. It tWas actually nice.

At least 5 people have double turned they're heads&mouthed "is that solange"?!1girl actually screamed out "solange is sittn on the corner"!
I now realize. This does look crackish. Me sitting on a sidewalk corner, graffiti brick background, no shoes... With a Chanel bag????

Yay! Mr tow truck man! U saved the day! That was fun. My Buddy however isn't laughing.


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