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John & Edward suffered severe bullying

X Factor contestants John & Edward suppered severe bullying at they're school KH (Kings Hostipal) in Dublin.

During One incident the bullys hung them out a window in a sac for 10 minutes.

One of the school kids said:
"The twins could be quite cheeky to the older boarders, who gave them a hard time. But the laundry bags thing was taking it a bit far. Obviously, they were panicking. They were terrified."

The Sunday Mirror newspaper tracked down the lead bully who commented:
"I was suspended over that kind of general stuff, yeah.
"We could have tied them up - I can't remember exactly. There was a lot of stuff done."

Edward said: “We were there (at the school) for four years and eventually we changed schools when we were 12 because it got too bad.
“It was kind of hard because we didn’t know what was happening to us but we always knew there was nothing wrong with us.
“We knew we always had each other and we stuck to our core values to get through it. It helped that I had my brother there.”

No wonder all the booing and nasty comments what people said to there face live on tv never put them down or stopped them, thats nothing to them after what they have been through,

Some pals believe the taunts helped prepare the boys for the nasty comments from Simon Cowell, who infamously called them: “Vile little creatures.”


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