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X Factor - Week 6

The theme of the night on X-Factor was 'Queen night' and as John & Edward said... there off to meet Queen.. The band.. not the real Queen!

Everybody was really good tonight, alot of them having there best performance,

During Jedward's performance Calvin Harris ran on stage with his hair done Jedward style and a Pinapple on his head and ran around on stage! He was the celebrity guest on the Xtra Factor but got kicked out of the building so he didnt make it!

Jamie (Afro) opened the show singing Radio Gaga and really got the audience going! It was brilliant.

Even though Joe isnt one of my favourites, he was REALLY GOOD tonight, he took on a big song and did a really good job.. what was his best performance so far in my opinion.

Ollie was brilliant as usual! I think he will be in the final.

Stacey did a really big powerful song and showed us what a amazing singer she is, up to now shes just been good, not bad but nothing amazing.. but tonight she really took a big step up. She will defiently be safe tomorrow cause shes the new 'Brittish sweetheart' everyone loves her personality.

Lloyd, i still dont get him. he was good and all but.. its like hes a little goldfish fish in a sea full of whales. I think he will be in the bottom tomorrow .. but he does have all the teenage girls & Wales voting for him.

John and Edward aka Jedward did a Vanilla ice twist to there song and did the rapping! The arent the best singers but i would perfer watching them than over half the other contestants tonight. They are so entertaining and make you laugh! They won over alot of people in the past week, For the first time even instead of the croud boo-ing, they were all chanting 'Jedward'

Danyl closed the show with 'We are the champions', He sang it on his own style so it wasnt just a karaoke version like most people do. I wish he would just forget Cheryl's comments to put him down, telling him not to be too confident and to tone it down, Shes saying that cause thats his selling point. We want more of his dancing and performance! He said on the Xtra Factor that he hopes to do more dancing soon so hopefully he will next week, with a big CONFIDENT performance!


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