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Rihanna's album price slashed!

Today Rihanna's album price was cut down to under 1/4 of its price, It is now available for 3.99!

Thats crazy!

I never taught Rihanna team would have to do that, People taught it would be a contender for #1, especally with all the promotion (and even telling the Chris Brown story for the first time a few weeks ago) plus expensive videos, Def Jam really invested alot of money into her project to make it a hit, Its crazy they had to slash the price the day after been released to stop it flopping. Thats usually the time people sell the most money so never chop prices on first week.

Lady Gaga also released her new album yesturday and is sitting at the top of the chart at #1 with Susan Boyle, John Mayer and Justin Bieber right behind.


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