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X Factor review // Danyl singing Careless Whisper

Here is Danyl's performance of Careless Whisper on X-Factor tonight, When i first heard he was singing this song.. I was like .. Oh no not another slow ballad again.. but he did a amazing job and best performance of the night.

Simon seriously needs to stop giving him ballads before its too late, Danyl is a performer and a dance teacher, Everyone loves his first audition when he worked that stage, he needs more uptempo - less boring songs.

Anyways.. Tonight X-Factor was boring for the first time this year, Danyl was brilliant, Ollie was good as usual but not his best week, Stacey was as fabulous and funny as always but there trying to make her Leona Lewis part 2 and.. even though i love Stacey.. shes no where near Leona, Lloyd was boring.. i want him to go tomorrow and Joe.. I don't get the deal with him.. he's a brilliant singer but.. he reminds me of my Granny alot the way he smiles and is so polite and mannerly! Hes too nice and perfect! Jedward.. they were the only ones who didn't do a slow sad soppy song, they came out with there crazy performance and added a bit of rapping!

Anyways, sorry for my rant.. It will be better next week when (hopefully Lloyd has gone) and they have a better theme..


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