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X Factor - Final 5

Tonight on X-Factor was good, They performed 2 songs tonight a song of both Take That & Elton John each,

As usual I think Lloyd was the weakest, he is like a mouse in a cage of Lions, There all such big vocalists left and he isnt.

Danyl got his mojo back and performed and danced a uptempo track 'Reling my fire', but even though i was excited for it.. I ended up perfering his second track 'My song' as he did hes own version and showed off his big voice,

Even though i not a big fan of Joe or Stacey as there a bit boring, I do like Stacey and wish she would stick to the type of songs she did in her audition, She was brilliant tonight at the Take that song but its like they are trying to transform her into a Leona Lewis clone, the hair, the styling, the big ballads.. As Simon said.. Thats not the type of songs for her, I could end up being a huge fan if she takes a few steps back and does some kinda Nora Jones style songs what suit her.

Ollie, I love him.. Love that he brings his cheeky personality into his performances, I dont think tonight was his best but he was still good!

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Stacey performing Rule the World by Take that, It was alot better than her second song, Dani Minogue just posted on twitter that she was supposed to have a choir but the doors wouldnt open for them!

Danyl performing Your song by Elton John .. I love that he changed it around and didnt just sing a karaoke version

Ollie performing Saturday nights alright by Elton John, not as good as his normal performances but still good! He brings his personality to the stage.

Danyl strutting his stuff to Take Thats Relight my fire.. and he even danced! He defiently put his all in it to prove a point!

Ollie slows it down to show he can sing ballads, he sings Love aint here anymore by Take that


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