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Chris Brown's interview with 20/20 aired last night, the same show who did Rihanna's interview, I havent watched it yet as I already seen his last few and there all the same, However I read the summery of his interview on a few blogs and they all say he called Rihanna out for lieing about now hearing his song 'Changed man' He said “she cried” when he played it to her. Hmm Riri is really getting called out this week for her lies! First Tila Tequila and now Chris!

Dear Chris Brown

Please stop with all your Rihanna interview, we know your sorry and were over it already, please skip em and start doing some live performances and promo for your new album instead, thats what people want, Your music sales is selling higer than Rihanna right now so people dont really care, please focus on your music and hot performances instead of bring that all back up again.

Thank you!


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