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This week on X-Factor is Michael Jackson week, They will each sing a MJ song aswell as a song of there choice what they think will get them to the finals.

My first reaction when reading the list was Stacey singing The way you make me feel? She usually does slow sad songs and stands in one spot, If she pulls this song off she could gain alot more fans as it would show another side to her. She is also singing Somewhere.. That song is a really good choice, Leona Lewis did a amazing cover of it with Il Divo for a special tv show on Simon Cowell before, I know Staceys wont be anywhere near as good but still will be brilliant.

My second reaction was YES! Danyl is singing 'I Have Nothing', I always wanted him to sing this song every week, espically on Whitney week, The song is perfect for him!

Olly also has good song choices, they all do.. Olly sang a Stevie Wonder song in his first audition and killed it, Im think he will be back to his brilliant performances again tonight!

Stacey - The Way You Make Me Feel

Joe - She's Out Of My Life

Danyl  - Man In The Mirror

Olly  - Can You Feel It

This week, the final four have also chosen A SONG TO GET THROUGH TO THE FINAL. Check out their choices here....

Stacey - Somewhere - West Side Story

Joe - Open Arms - Journey

 Danyl  - I Have Nothing - Whitney Houston

Olly - We Can Work It Out - Stevie Wonder version


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