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Poor John and Edward, there dreams are shattered! (lol) Esmee Denters sat down with Digital Spy and talked about X-Factor contestants Jedward who told the media that Esmee is there dream girl aswell as being the new Britney Spears!
"I actually saw them on Sunday at the Capital FM show. They were walking down the hallway and I pulled through the window and said, 'Hey!'" she told Digital Spy.

"I can't work out which one is which, but one of the guys came running down and said, 'We love your music'. They were really nice.

"They're kind of young for me. I don't know how old they are but they look younger than me! I'm sorry. I would have dinner with them and be friendly, they seem like really nice guys!"
Esmee is currently dating her manager so thats a nice way to turn them down! Im just thinking, If she agreeded to go on a date, Whos the boyfriend? Do they fight over the girl or do they share her!!

Esmee is currently supporting N Dubz on there UK tour.


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