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Today X-Factor winner Joe McElderry went straight to number one with his winning single 'The Climb'.

There was a big battle for the number one spot as some rock band i dont know set up a Facebook campaign to try get people to buy there single instead to stop the X-Factor winner getting the X-Mas number one.

Crazy much?

It wont be as easy in the UK as currently the band have sold over 300,000 copys and joe only 290,000 so he will need to sell alot over the weekend, I think he will as alot of people will be Christmas shopping during the weekend and his single will be in everyones faces.

I cant believe over 300,000 copys were sold of the other song, Some people have bought it over 20 times cause there so desperate for Joe not to get the number one. I dont get it? I wanted Olly to win but im still happy for Joe and hope he does well. Let the guy have his moment.

Mabye this will be a kick up the - for Simon Cowell and hopefully he will have more .. imagination when picking the winners single!


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