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Alexandra Burke has said that she will be changing around her album 'Overcome' for the US release but will be using the same music videos.

"I'd love for America to go well next year. I'm working on an American version of Overcome," she told the Daily Star.

"I'm writing a few things for it. Ideally I just want to lay down some ideas, present it to the label and then see what happens.

"I don't think we're going to change it that much for the American market as the videos will definitely stay the same.

"That's the reason I wanted them shot in LA. It's cheaper and wiser to make one video and make it work for both markets."

Wow I didnt realise she was releasing her album in the US, I guess everyone is trying to since Leona Lewis victory. I havent even listened to the full album yet cause I havent heard one great review.. everyone just says its 'Ok' or 'Nothing new', She hasnt had the buzz Leona had either so im not sure whats going to happen with Alex. I do like Bad Boys and Hallelujah though.. I think I pefer Bad Boys to Leona's Happy.. even though im over Bad Boys as played it way to much.

I guess she can use the Beyonce X-Factor story to get peoples attention, Well I know for a fact they will! Do you think she will crack the States?


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