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Youtube star Mia Rose premiered her first official music video 'What would Christmas be like' on Youtube yesturday, The song has just gone on sale exclusively on her Official website

Its a really good idea bringing out a Christmas song, Just looks at Mariah Carey, All i want for Christmas is always in the top 10 every year! Its about to pass out her new single on UK itunes already!

Anyway cute song, she stuck to her own style (with a sprinkle of Colbie!)

Here is what Mia says about the video:

I'm doing all of this very DIY way (Do It Yourself). I am not signed to a record company, so I'm doing it very Indie style and I need your support and help as much as possible. Money from the sale of this record will help me record my debut album in the new year!

Later this week Ill make a blog on my website with a few media sites in which you can email and pressure them into playing my song ahah! Any help is welcome, even if its just showing the song to your mum, dad or even grandma!

I wanna say a huge thank you to the crew that helped in the making of the video clip and to Rafael Almeida (VALEU!) Who made this project possible!

And last but DEFINITELY not least, a MAJOR thank you to all of my fans for supporting me and following me through the ups-and-downs of this business and always staying true. I love you all and you're the sole reason why I do this.

Thank you


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