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Chris Brown's new music hit the net yesturday and it sounds really good, Checkout the latest song 'Famous Girl' which was produced by Ryan Leslie.

Chris and Rihanna havent said much about the whole ''Incident'' but this song really gets into the stuff we didnt know, I guess the both of them were cheating on each other!

Checkout some of the lyrics below what were directed towards Rihanna:

“Drake would say that you’re the best he ever had (in a recent interview, Drake confirmed he DID in fact semi-date Rihanna). Rumours come and go. Everywhere you go it follows. Can’t understand I still love you. I thought I found the right woman. There were other guys who thought the same about her. Damn you let me down, because you’re famous [girl] for breakin’ hearts. You were first to play the game though. Sorry I bust the windows out ya car (according to reports, he broke the windows of her jeep after an argument, when they both resided at a hotel in her Native Barbados). I might have cheated in the beginning (the argument which lead to him beating her up was generated via a text message from another girl). I was wrong for writing Disturbia (he wrote the song). You thought you found the right man. There were other girls who thought the same thing about me. 


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