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N Dubz star Dappy was assaulted by his girlfriend Kaye Vassell this morning and suffered a broken nose after a fight broke out.. No..  Dappy did not hit her back which I am very happy to see becuase it sounds like she was provoking him to..

They'd been out the night before and had a massive fight the following morning," a source said. "Gino wasn't there. Things were out of control. Dappy knew he had to do something. He called the police.

"Dappy refused to be helped by the medical staff because he didn't want to look like a wimp. But he was in lots of pain and went to hospital afterwards so his nose could be treated."

A police spokesperson confirmed that Vassell was taken in for questioning over a suspected assault.

Dappy's cousin Tulisa who is also a member of N Dubz comfirmed the story on Twitter: I say it one more time! Yes the story about dappy is true, and for all his faults it takes a lot not 2 hit a girl back when she does that 2 u, I wudnt of been able 2 control myself I know that much so I think he should b praised for once, their always fast 2 put him down when he's done something wrong, but anyway he's fine he just wants 2 c his son. X

Tulisa also just tweeted a second ago saying she thinks its discusting the way the media are laughing at the situation.. I agree.. They wernt laughing when Chris Brown beat Rihanna up, but when a girl beats a guy up its funny but if Dappy did hit her back they would be slating him and making him the evil villan, but since he didnt give them juicy money making story they make a laugh out of it!


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