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Ana Free myspace message!

Here is what youtube star Ana Free has just posted on myspace on a bulletin!

Dear the myspace crewww..

How are you doing? I haven't been in touch I realise "publicly" through a bulletin for some time, but I'll write now that I have things to say..:) Hmm..

In the month of August I was travelling for a while, I was in Cyprus, Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain.. It was a lot of fun and I'm glad I took the time out to do it! After I came back, pretty much in mid-August I did a recording/interview for Portúguese TV (national) and I believe it's going to be aired this weekend on the evening news (don't know why the news since I've never seen an artist reported on the news!).. Still, it was a lot of fun.. small thing, nothing major, 2 or 3 minutes long.. Anyhow.. I probably won't see it, or I'll force myself to since it takes me back to the early days of recording on tracks, when I hated hearing my voice on recording.. Well, back to square 1 with TV!! I'm not used to seeing myself moving and speaking back to "me" (apart from in stupid videos with friends and youtube etc where i can view the videos before they go up).. Hmm so I'm excited I guess!!

What else.... Hmm.. I was asked to be a Jingle girl for the radio Antena 3 here in Portugal, so I've spent the last two days in their studios working on their jingle, which I never thought I'd do (for those who don't know, a jingle is the radio's name you know that someone sings on that radio whenever they go t commercial or come back from commercial).. haha its a funny job and actually it's my first paid job..Curse taxes!! :P

Been out this week with a bit of flu, but today I feel substantially better.. Think I'm gonna go downtown a while..

I put up a version of the song All My Life by Kci and Jojo (that we recorded in Antena 3's studios for fun), but I don't think I'll keep it there too long.. since it was just for fun and there's another song anyway, called "20 Days" that's going up in it's place in maybe about a week, I don't know.. :)

summer's come to an end.. pretty much, next Tuesday I'm flying out to England again for my last year of university, but I'm still going to Rome before the semester begins.. Rome is a city I've really wanted to see in the last years when I began travelling a bit more.. Anyway, I will keep putting up music for you guys.. trying to write and keeping you filled in! This year is gonna be chaaaoooossss!!

Big big big kiss to all of you... thank you so much for sticking next to me here through all my mini endeavours and making me smile on the bad days with all the comments and support..

Much love to you all, I hope everyone is doing well, career, family etc..



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